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Care in our homes

As one of the UK’s leading health and social care providers we have a spread of residential services across the country which are often run in partnership with the respective Councils and Local Authorities.

We primarily deliver elderly care services and dependent on location offer nursing, dementia, supported living, rehabilitation, day care, respite and specialist care for more complex needs such as mental health, Acquired Brain Injuries, Learning Disabilities and Physical Disabilities.

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For care in a care home or nursing home, your local authority will usually provide funding for your care up to a certain limit, according to your income and savings. As with care in your own home, this limit has been set at £23,250 in England and Northern Ireland (and £30,000 or £26,500 in Wales and Scotland respectively). If you move into a care home while a family member is still living in your home the value of your property will not contribute to your assets. Non-means-tested financial help is available from the NHS for nursing care.

You will need to contribute towards care home fees in relation to your assets – £1 per week for each £250 above lower limits (£14,000 in England and Northern Ireland, £20,750 in Wales, and £13,750 in Scotland). You will be able to keep £21.90 of income per week for personal expenses.

Community care hubs

We operate community care hubs that offer a holistic service for those requiring residential and occasional medical care; GP surgery, dentist, chiropody and minor injuries. The medical aspects are available to the public in conjunction with local authorities/NHS and are ideally located to those residing in the Community Care Hubs.

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Care in your own home

We deliver care at your own home based on the frequency and level of care individuals require. This can involve personal care, meal preparation, assistance with medication, domestic tasks or just companionship.

An increasingly popular choice for many individuals and couples is to opt for retirement living where you own your own apartment within a service and request home care based on your requirements.

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In England and Northern Ireland, to qualify for financial support for care in your own home your savings must not exceed £23,250 (or £30,000 in Wales and £26,500 in Scotland). This does not include the value of your home. If these are joint savings you will only be assessed for half their value. Extra savings in the name of your spouse or civil partner will not be assessed. Your income is assessed after housing and disability-related costs are taken into account and you will then be responsible for paying for your care on a sliding scale according to your means.

Care Partnership / Consultancy

Many of our services have been created following Shaw winning Council/Local Authority open tender processes to deliver care within a region. We design, build and manage the care services in ongoing partnerships and become a part of the community.

Several care services around the UK use Shaw for our Facilities Management expertise, providing domestic and catering services to other care providers who are already operating in an area.

Our heritage of designing, building and operating care services means we are well placed to consult on all areas of care. We are involved in multiple Joint Ventures overseas enabling other countries to achieve the internationally admired UK British care standards.

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Shaw Covid Compliant




Accepting New Residents

Accepting New Residents

Risk Assessment

Risk Assessment


Social Distancing

Stringent Hygiene

We are welcoming new residents into our homes to ensure that we are there for those who need respite or residential care. Please click here to see how we are ensuring our residents and employees safety.

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0800 902 0092

Dear Relatives,

In England, the Government has just announced that visits to care homes may take place following a ‘negative Covid-19 test’. I just wanted to clarify that this relates to the new Lateral Flow Tests only. The new Lateral Flow Test (or LFT) can give a test result within 30 mins. Thus enabling us to have an accurate up-to-date Covid-19 test result from which we can either agree or decline a visit almost instantly assuming it was pre-booked.

As of today less than a handful of our homes have received these new LFT tests and as such until your particular service receives their allocated test kits then we will need to continue with the current visiting arrangements in place at your particular home.

We do hope the new tests are rolled out quickly and we are told that many homes should have them prior to Xmas however as we are not aware of when they are dispatched and where to, then all we can do is wait and let you know as soon as your service receives their allocation. Only then can we facilitate the new visiting arrangements which these tests are designed to enable.

Thank you for your continued patience. You have been incredibly supportive of our care home teams so far and we hope you do not have long to wait before you can see your loved ones in a way that we all have been longing for since the start of the pandemic.

Thank you again.

Mike Smith Chief Operating Officer