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Person-Centred Care

At Shaw, we know that family is important, and we know how important it is for families to feel connected, be included, be informed and be a part of their loved one’s life. Our employees are dedicated and committed to provide the best quality of care, support and understanding to every family member relating to those who use our services.

The care we deliver has adapted over time to accommodate industry best practice, the changing needs of communities and the local authorities, but the constant is ensuring that our care is person-centred. No individual is the same - their likes, dislikes and life experiences determine who they are and how they like to be treated.

Individual care plans capture these and assists those who deliver care and allow the individual to feel independent, dignified and respected.

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Considerate design

Our care environments are ergonomically designed to complement the delivery of person-centred care. Our architecture considers optimising daylight, creating clear pathways, engaging interiors but we never forget that these are peoples’ homes, so we try to make them comfortable and homely.

We consider the time periods that would have been golden years for our residents and decorate some areas to evoke reminiscence.

Some prefer to be in their own environments and we are also able to provide the level of care that individuals require at a frequency that suits their needs.

We also operate specialist services to cater for specific care types; community care hubs, high/low secure mental health, Acquired Brain Injuries, Learning Disability, Physical Disabilities, Intermediate Care Units and Rehabilitation.

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At our residential services we have activity programmes to promote healthy minds and wellbeing. We adapt our programmes based on the feedback of our individuals and try to promote creativity and enjoyment. Individuals are invited to participate but it is not compulsory.

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Mealtime experience

We employ chefs at our services to deliver varied meals that provide flavour and nutrition. Our menus rotate monthly and are peppered with family favourites, there are always alternative options to cater for all tastes; fish & chips, roast dinners, pies, soups/casseroles, bangers & mash.

We have communal eating areas with laid tables or individuals can eat in their own rooms if they choose.

Any medical, cultural or religious dietary requirements are included in individual’s care plans.

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Our services are purpose-built care facilities with an emphasis on home and community. There are areas to socialise and partake in activities that you can select from a schedule, plus there are areas to dine communally, should you wish, alternatively you can dine in your own room.

We always extend a warm welcome to visitors and hope that we become an extension of your family as much as you become a part of the Shaw family.


We care for those with dementia on an individual basis. A person’s experiences, feelings and values are unique and an individual dealing with dementia can feel a range of emotions that are personally challenging. We seek to provide continuity and a sense of belonging to make our care homes feel like the individuals’ home; by engaging with the individuals’ family we use sensory stimulation to evoke reminiscence and recollection of life events which can make residents feel of value and contented. Dementia care is supplemented by frequent assessments to ensure the correct level of care is provided.

All care workers are specifically trained and will have achieved recognised dementia qualifications which equips them with the skills to provide enhanced care. Qualified nurses attend training to ensure all professional requirements are met. We regularly monitor our employees’ skill levels and provide supplementary training to ensure we are delivering the best quality of care.

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Click below to access short films and guides about dementia

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Mental Health 

We provide person-centred care and treatment programmes for people with a primary diagnosis of mental illness with or without physical disability including patients who might have committed a criminal act due to their illness.

Complex Care

Providing care and treatment programmes for people with multiple needs such as dual diagnosis of learning and/or physical disabilities, Acquired Brain Injuries, challenging behaviour and a variety of other complex conditions.

End of Life / Palliative Care

Delivering care at very difficult time for individuals and families. We focus on making the individual as comfortable as possible while supporting the family and loved ones.

Day Care / Respite

Individuals can attend one of our facilities that operate Day Care to socialise or interact with peer groups.

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Regulatory Governance and Compliance

Our services are inspected by regulators on a random basis and the outcomes of these inspections can be found on each of our services’ web pages. We also operate in accordance with strict internal Clinical Governance and Quality guidelines.


ISO Standards

ISO QSL Cert ISO 9001  ISO QSL Cert ISO 14001 

ISO QSL Cert 45001  ISOQSLCertISO27001


We have received several industry recognised awards and accolades in recognition of our innovative and effective care; Which? Dementia Awards, National Care Awards, Laing Buisson.

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Shaw Covid Compliant




Accepting New Residents

Accepting New Residents

Risk Assessment

Risk Assessment


Social Distancing

Stringent Hygiene

We are welcoming new residents into our homes to ensure that we are there for those who need respite or residential care. Please click here to see how we are ensuring our residents and employees safety.

Dear relatives,

I’m pleased to say that Shaw is making fantastic progress with the COVID-19 vaccinations. The majority of our staff and residents have been vaccinated and scheduled to get the second dose shortly.

The national statistics being reported suggest that we are over the second peak and there is light at the end of the tunnel. To get back to ‘normal’ and the life we once knew we will all need to be vaccinated to help our chances to overcome COVID-19 should we catch it and to prevent it from spreading to each other.

Each of our care homes has been doing everything in their power to ensure that residents and employees are vaccinated. The LFT testing continues to help us operate to manage the visiting, as well as exercising social distancing, using PPE, hand washing, risk assessments and adhering to all other public health guidelines.

We appreciate your continued support and understanding of the situation that the care homes face to protect your loved ones. I sincerely hope that we can get back to visiting as we once knew it.

Thank you again,

Mike Smith, Chief Operating Officer