Leadon Bank day care facility and a primary school in Birmingham have joined forces to launch an intergenerational project

Leadon Bank in Ledbury has started an initiative called the “Getting to know you project” in partnership with Welford Primary School. The project will involve a wide variety of activities, from creating a ‘getting to know you’ book to painting and home baking, all designed to help the older and younger generations to connect with each other.

Welford Primary School serves an incredibly diverse community, with children from a variety of cultures and backgrounds – something that is being embraced by the project. Members of Leadon Bank day care have responded by forming a choir and hope to perform the song ‘Getting To Know You’ by Julie Andrews for the children.

Caroline Merrick, a senior day care worker who coordinated the partnership with her daughter, who works at the primary school, said: “Many of our members have little or no exposure to multicultural life in modern Britain, so this project is a great way to show all the many different traditions in our country today.

“The benefits for us and the school are really shining through – many of our members find it hard to see their own self-worth, but through this project so far, we’ve seen their self-esteem grow.”

Natalie Merrick, of Welford Primary School, said: “We are delighted to be working with Leadon Bank. The children are really enjoying getting to know the day care members and love learning from them – and are especially grateful for the soft toys donated to their Australia-themed display!”

Lauren Nelson-Jones, manager of Leadon Bank, added: “We are all loving this work and are so passionate about the results of bringing these two diverse age groups together.”

Global Intergenerational Week seeks to inspire individuals, groups and organisations to fully embrace intergenerational practice - connecting people of all ages, especially the younger and older generations. Intergenerational activity has been proven to have many benefits, including the reduction of loneliness and isolation and enhances learning and skill sharing across all age groups.

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