A Scottish woman who attributes her long lifespan to healthy amount of gin and Martini Rosso’s has celebrated her 103rd birthday at Abbott House.

Henrietta Raven, or ‘Bunty’ to her friends and family, celebrated her birthday with an afternoon tea party organised by staff at Abbott House care home.

Born in Kinlochleven, Scotland, Bunty later met local factory worker Richard. The couple moved to Northamptonshire, where they married, before relocating to Birmingham during World War Two. Keen to support her local community, Bunty helped out with a ‘meals on wheels’ programme for elderly residents. Her other hobbies included fishing for salmon, mountain walking, tennis, knitting and sewing.

Bunty, who has two children, three grandchildren and three great-grandchildren, moved back to Northamptonshire when her husband reached retirement. She moved into Abbott House in 2015 and quickly became a popular character with relatives and staff alike.

Julie Chinnick, home manager at Abbott House care home, said: “We were delighted to join Bunty and her family to celebrate this impressive milestone. We made sure she was given a delicious afternoon tea, which she really enjoyed – even if it wasn’t quite the same as the gin and Martini’s she would treat herself to in the past!”

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