We care for those with dementia on an individual basis. A person’s experiences, feelings and values are unique and an individual dealing with dementia can feel a range of emotions that are personally challenging. We seek to provide continuity and a sense of belonging to make our care homes feel like the individuals’ home; by engaging with the individuals’ family we use sensory stimulation to evoke reminiscence and recollection of life events which can make residents feel of value and contented. Dementia care is supplemented by frequent assessments to ensure the correct level of care is provided.

All care workers will be trained to a minimum level of QCF level 2 which equips them with the skills to provide enhanced care. Qualified nurses attend training to ensure all professional requirements are met. Supplemental training is available to cover specific care needs such as dementia.

Communicating about dementia with loved ones and a younger generation

Identifying symptoms of dementia and offering positive support

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Shaw demential care guide

Certain behaviours or symptoms in an individual can lead to their families and loved ones suspecting the early stages of dementia. These brief downloadable sheets take a look at some of those triggers and gives examples of how Shaw healthcare looks to support the individual, their families and loved ones.

Shaw Memory Loss guide Shaw Eating guide Shaw Decreased guide Shaw Reduced Mobility guide Shaw Wandering guide Shaw altered patterns guide
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