Home Adjustments for Elderly People

Home Adjustments for Elderly People

Living independently as you get older can become challenging, especially if you have a physical or learning disability, or are living with dementia or Alzheimer’s. As daily tasks and activities become more difficult, extra support and care is needed for individuals to remain in their own home – often the first choice when it comes to elderly care. Domiciliary care (care in your own home) is a fantastic option for anyone wishing to remain in a familiar environment but still receive support such as cleaning, cooking, assisting with personal hygiene and dressing, and help getting about. Adaptations to a person’s home can also provide a way to make daily life easier and safer.

Home modifications and adaptations are sometimes provided following a home care assessment, or can be hired or purchased privately. Making changes to your home can be as simple as removing or securing trip hazards like rugs and trailing cables, or can involve structural elements such as installing an elevator or stair lift. The type of adaptations you require depend on your individual needs and an assessment or guidance appointment is extremely useful to help you decide which kind of modifications to make. Home adaptations for the elderly can provide help with the following areas:

  • Bathing, using the toilet and getting dressed

  • Accessibility and mobility

  • Cooking and doing household chores

  • Getting about indoors (such as getting in and out of bed)

  • Using the telephone and other technology

  • Improving home safety (such as personal alarms)

Domiciliary care can also offer the services above through a team of staff who visit your home to provide support and assistance in the areas required, including help with managing medication, dealing with finances and accompanying you out and about.

Home adaptations are best suited for people who are fairly mobile and are not in need of intensive nursing care, and are an effective way of retaining independence or as long as possible in a cost-effective way, delaying the need for residential care.

For information on domiciliary care and home adaptations for elderly and disabled people call Shaw Healthcare on 0800 902 0092 or My Care My Home 0800 731 8470.