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Please browse through our care homes to find a service that fits your needs.
If you would prefer to speak to someone directly about your requirements contact us on the Care Enquiry Line 0800 902 0092.

Have your own room in an award winning Shaw care home.

In any of our homes you will have access to communal living areas / gardens where you will be provided opportunity to socialise and partake in activities / exercise. Onsite chefs provide freshly produced meals which you can eat in the dining areas or in your room.


Some care requirements need more specialist expertise to ensure that the care can be effectively delivered. Shaw has a range of services that cater for mental health and other complex care scenarios.

This could include receiving care at one of our sites before or after hospital procedures to prevent time at hospital.


Our community based services are adapted to assist those who want to be more independent but would like support in a few areas.

Shaw can offer residence in shared houses or apartments and provide as little or as much care as an individual requires.

Our focus is to enable independence.

We provide a high standard of health and social care, placing the individual at the centre of all we do.

Shaw healthcare provides a high quality care and support service based on the exacting requirements of our customers, their family and friends. Our employees are trained to exceed industry standards as well as adhere to our own stringent criteria; Shaw healthcare is 82% owned by employees and 18% owned by The Shaw Foundation, a grant making charity.

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