A former sergeant has celebrated his 100th Birthday at Thorndale

 Centenarian Jim Wills was joined by residents and staff for the celebrations which involved a tea party and lots of video calls from family members.

Growing up in Isham in Northamptonshire, Jim joined the Territorial Army when he was 18, before being drafted into the Army at the outbreak of World War Two. During this stint he was promoted to sergeant and served in Europe with the royal artillery – to this day, he still knows his army number.

After finishing his Army service, Jim began working in a shoe factory and married Dolly, with the couple often embarking on coach holidays around Germany, Italy and Switzerland. They went on to have three children, four grandchildren and six great-grandchildren.

When questioned on the secrets of a long life, Jim praised the importance of eating well and avoiding alcohol.

Jemima Adams, manager at the home, said: “While the ongoing pandemic meant we were unable to put on the party we would have liked, we hope that Jim enjoyed the celebrations we were able to arrange for him.

“Having lived in Thorndale for five years, Jim has become a close friend to many of our staff and residents and we were delighted to celebrate this milestone birthday with him.”