A former resident of Pembroke Dock Nursing home is now starting a new chapter in her life in Sheltered Accommodation, thanks to the support and care she received at the service.

Following just 2 years at the home and benefiting from the highly qualified team at the nurse-led Mental Health Service, CH is now able to enjoy more independence in her day-to-day life and has gained confidence she never knew possible.

CH first moved into Pembroke Dock using an electric wheelchair but following a lot of dedication, hard work and tremendous support from Physiotherapists, she was encouraged to stand and eventually walk short distances.

She was an active member of the Shaw family at Pembroke and enjoyed helping to organise activities and events.

Pembroke Dock has the goal of supporting our residents on their journey to increased independence and quality of life and CH is certainly a story of success.

CH’s new home allows her more interaction with the local community which she loves but she knows there is support there should she need it.

Everyone at Shaw wishes her the best of luck as she moves on with her life.

You can view some Gallery pictures below or for more information where you can also take a virtual tour, click here. (Pictures taken prior to Covid-19)