The first Managers conference since the pandemic was hosted in Gloucestershire last week as a pre-cursor event for the Shaw Star Awards.

Russell Brown opened proceedings in his inaugural year as CEO by making clear that as an employee-owned company we should be pulling together to make a difference. That everything we do should be about delivering the type of care that we would want for our own loved ones and that the contribution that everyone makes is of equal importance and should be valued. His strategy focused on improved quality, embedding an employee focussed culture with improved communication and raised satisfaction levels for residents and employees.

Chief Operating Officer, Mike Smith reflected on the challenges that the pandemic had presented and thanked everyone in the business for their continued efforts to ensure the most positive outcome at each juncture. Looking to the future, he summarised a technology roadmap that would be implemented and explained the benefits for the residents and the business that he expected to be gleaned from the plan.

Guest speaker, “Big Ian” Donaghy summarised some unique insights into care from his experiences using video footage and musical interludes to make sure that everyone felt invigorated going into the afternoon session.

Regional Directors, Martin Vanhinsbergh and Stacey Meredith thanked their teams by summarising their achievements and identified some notable personal efforts that had made a difference to many. Stephanie Hyde and Gemma Owen paid the same respects for the Wales and South West regions. Paul Boon, Head of HR and Kieren Logan-Gallen, Head of Learning & Development presented details of how Shaw would be progressing employee engagement and training.

The gathering was a great opportunity for sharing experiences and get a directive from Russell collectively as to how he wants Shaw to work together to make a difference.