Following the announcement that it will be compulsory for all care home staff in England have the Covid vaccine and questions around Wales following suit, service manager for Wylesfield care home in Powys, Lowri Owen, has been speaking on Radio Wales to discuss the matter.

Workers in England will have 16 weeks to get both jabs from the time regulations are approved by Parliament. If they do not, they face being redeployed away from front-line care or potentially losing their job.

When asked about the current situation at the home with staff being vaccinated Lowri said: “I am very lucky that most of my staff jumped at the chance of having a vaccine as they realise the importance of them to keep our residents safe.”

She went on to comment that there were a few staff members who were hesitant at first, but once they had talked though their concerns and presented them with factual information they soon came around to the idea. She went onto say that it has now been introduced as part of the application process for new starters to ask if they are welling to have the vaccine which she is hoping will be supported by the Welsh Government soon following the announcement in England.