Dementia Nursing

Shaw healthcare has a philosophy of care that supports the person living with dementia throughout their journey. This can be within their own home by providing domiciliary care or, if required, within a care home with 24 hour support

Since our conception in 1986, we have been committed to providing holistic, high quality person and family centred care for those living with dementia. Our well trained carers and specialist staff understand the challenges facing the person and their families. By using frequent assessments of abilities and needs staff ensure the right level of support is in place to enable the person with dementia to continue with a fulfilling life.

We recognise that the care home is the resident’s home and that family involvement within the home is essential. Relatives, family and friends can be involved in care planning as far as possible and actively involved in planning and decision making.

Where possible we adapt the environment to create a homely yet sensory stimulating setting, focusing on reminiscence, recall and life events which validate residents’ experiences.

Person centred dementia care is an integral part of Shaw healthcare’s induction and on-going training programmes. This maintains an understanding of the disease and an insight into the person and their individual reactions to their emotional and psychological journey through dementia. We can increase the person’s well-being by giving a sense of security, continuity, belonging, purpose, achievement and significance to their lives.

Every person is unique and travels with their own suitcase of history, memories, experiences, feelings, values, likes and dislikes. An understanding of this life history is an essential part of holistically supporting the individual today. The story of our lives is an on-going process and as the person and support staff grow together both develop an understanding of what is being communicated which creates a valuable bond.

We use tools such “memory boxes” which are small boxes on residents front doors with a clear plastic window where individuals are encouraged to place items that trigger personal memories to help them locate their rooms.

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