Wellness : Happiness : Kindness

These three words can be found in each of the brands, we believe that their meanings should be reflected in all Shaw healthcare and its brands do, not only for our customers but also for employees.


Pronunciation: /’welnis/

1. the sound mental and physical state achieved through good diet and exercise
2. the approach to healthcare that emphasises prevention rather than cure with the aim of improving quality and the longevity of life
~ her bright outlook on life was a direct result of her wellness


Pronunciation: /’hapēnis/
1. the quality or state of being happy
2. pleasure; joy; satisfaction; contentment
~ with all his goals finally achieved he found happiness


Pronunciation: /’kīn(d)nis/
1. the quality of being friendly, generous and considerate
2. to act with sympathy, empathy and compassion
~ her ability to help others was testament of her kindness

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